As the Deer (Logic File) + MIDI + Video

Sean Wilson Piano
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This download contains Sean's interpretation of the notes for Quennel Gaskin's version of "I really love the Lord" as shown in this video referenced on my channel. The purpose of this video is to learn the notes exactly as Quennel played in the video. If you are a musician please remember the best way to grow as a musician is to memorize and play songs from high level musicians. This song would be considered an advanced song

This file contains 3 files

  1. The LMV File --this will show the notes on the screen for you to copy. You will need to use the free MIDICULOUS software to play the file. If you need to know how to download midiculous click here
  2. The MIDI File --this is for those of you who have your own DAW or would like to remix or learn this song along with the original video. You will need to line of the midi and video on Measure one in your DAW
  3. The Original Full Video --this is the song that is being transcribed which is played by Vaughn Henry.

Enjoy your files!


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As the Deer (Logic File) + MIDI + Video

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